Vann12's Playground

SWF 42 Toddler Mom Chemo Taker God Saved

I also have breast cancer. And a cat.

TALKING. Thinking. Discussing.

I want to learn. I want to teach. I don’t want to keep all the thoughts in. So, feel free to make a friend.

It can’t be impossible to learn to blog, can it? I need this. I want this. We all need healthy balance and it comes through an outlet of the mind.

Our Earth. Our bodies. Sex. Race.

As I learn I’d like to share. I never want to offend. I may want to be direct. Sometimes, I may be wrong. Either way, I sure hope this goes well. I’m an over privileged white american….woman. I have no idea whats it like to be afraid of war taking place in my yard. I don’t know that I’m privileged. I’m greedy and spoiled and yet say that I love. I cannot share honest opinions on facebook. I do not wish to debate my own thoughts with anyone. WE ALL DESERVE THAT. To think as we wish.

I love America. I love freedom. I hate knowing I wouldn’t trade places with the sick and hurting women in other places.

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